Located in Virginia Beach, VA, Flydog Ceramics Studio produces functional, handcrafted items made from stone and earthenware clays. Amidst the tall pines and the smelly waters that feed in from the Lynhaven River, is an old shed just big enough to house a kiln, a potter's wheel, and a crazy dog. Potter/ maker, Cat Peterson spends most of her days here learning about an art that is so easily frustrating, yet so perfectly calming all in the same time. Named after her dog, Fly, the studio is home to many cups, mugs, bowls, plates, critters, and spider webs. Owning a studio was a dream long before Fly, but once this wild dog was adopted, she became the inspiration for many things.

Meet Fly, a black lab/chesapeake bay retriever. Though most days she is a terror who can't seem to listen, some days she is a beautiful example of life. When handled with a gentle spirit, her potential for beauty is astounding, yet she has a mind of her own. Easily distracted and intrigued by the smallest of wonders, not afraid to disobey. Her resemblance to clay may only be understood by the artist, but it is a hope that her personality is captured in every piece made here at the studio, and brought into every home, to sit amongst life. Whether on a shelf or in the palm of a hand, whether worn out by the same coffee table or being chipped in constant travel, whether shared with the world or kept in tiny rooms with dark curtains. Every thing that journeys from this space mimics the heart of Fly.

Abundant in joy. Seeking the next adventure. Longing for a safe place to land.