My name is Cat and I make pottery in a studio in Virginia Beach. You can also catch me behind the bar of my second home, Three Ships Coffee Roastery. Most days I am running back and forth between the two, sometimes tripping over my shoe laces, and other times gracefully dancing between both alleys like it ain't no thing. Either way, it's what I do, and it's who I am. 

The work I create is inspired by the things that surround me. Whizzing colors, interesting lines, pockets of darkness, hazy textures. I create things that are pretty to me. And sometimes pretty can be weird. Sometimes it's ugly and sharp. Other times it's soft and overwhelmingly beautiful. 

I never want to create things that are so obviously lovely. I make things that spark memories within me, or trigger adventure, or create hopefulness in a day that started without any.  And whether you buy something with Flydog's signature on the bottom, or simply just pick things up from off the table and return them after, I hope you are able to experience these things for yourself.



My dog Fly is my only employee, and she is never helpful. My Fiance' Ian is my loyal companion, and he is always helpful. I would not be able to do both jobs if it weren't for the two of them